About us and Membership

We are the Bromley High School Swimming Club Ltd. Current pupils at the school and their family can join the club and swim in our two sessions each week. Friends and relatives can also join these family sessions for a fee of £2 per person, per visit. Alumnae of the school who left after sixth form can also join extending membership benefits to their families.

We offer greatly discounted swimming lessons for non-swimmers and  improvers as well as stroke improvement sessions. The pool is used by lane swimmers and families by having half the pool allocated to three dedicated lanes and the rest of the pool free for fun swimming.

The BHSSC Committee is entirely voluntarily and the current commitee is:

Chair: Jill MacMahon

Treasurer: Stuart Fidler

Duty Officer Training: Phil Bowdery

Membership: Shona Broughton

Doreen Doland

Jean Garcia

Miranda Spatchurst


  • Annual, one-off payment for all the family to swim at our sessions.
  • Friends and relatives can be invited for a fee of £2 per person, per visit.
  • Greatly discounted swimming lessons for children, non-swimmers and improvers.
  • A healthy, family-orientated activity for all.


  • Annual Family Membership: £75.00 (2017/2018)
  • This entitles you and your immediate family to swim twice a week virtually every week of the year, and to benefit from discounted swimming lessons. There are NO OTHER SWIMMING CHARGES for members. (Note that the cost of bringing a non member visitor guest fee referred to above)


2018/2018 New Members BHSSC Ltd Membership Form 2018 – 2019


Club Rules bhssc-rules-amended-2014

Guidance Note swimming-club-guidance-note


For information on membership contact us