BHSSC and Bromley High School Memorandum of Understanding


Bromley High School GDST, Blackbrook Lane, Bromley Kent. BR1 2TW (BHS); and

Bromley High School Swimming Club, an unincorporated association (BHSSC).


Parents of pupils were promised a pool at the school as far back as 1961, but despite ongoing fundraising events over the next 20 years, insufficient money was raised to make this aspiration a reality.

When the school moved from Elmfield Road to Blackbrook Lane, the likelihood of a pool being built increased, as there was space on site to accommodate such a facility, and the original planning application included provision for a swimming pool.

As a result, a fund-raising vehicle was formed: the Bromley High School Trust Fund. The original trustees were Mrs Marjory Broughton (Chair of the PTA), Mr Thomas and Dr Chilcot. Mrs Broughton and Mr Michael Kane (parent Governor) were tasked with finding a £150k shortfall in funds for the new pool on the Blackbrook Lane site.

An Appeal Committee was set up and a professional fundraiser engaged in order to secure the additional funding needed – £300,000. These funds were raised via sponsored events by the girls, parent events and fundraising by the school Governors over a three-year period. Many parents and alumnae signed Deeds of Covenant to pledge funding for the pool. Fundraising events included PTA fireworks, Burns Suppers, Christmas Markets and special lunches hosted by parents

The pool building was marked out in 1984 and building completed in 1986. The pool was officially opened in 1988.

BHSSC was set up soon after the pool opened to provide a club for current, former and future pupils and staff as well as alumnae and, in each case, their families to use at preferential rates indefinitely.


3.1 BHS and BHSSC wish to continue to work together to provide a swimming facility for current pupils, staff, BHS retired staff, alumnae and their respective families.

3.2 The MoU attempts to define the common territory between BHS and BHSSC, but recognizes that the two parties have different aims and concerns in relation to the pool. It attempts to establish common ground between the two organizations.


4.1 BHS and BHSSC support the following principles which provide the parameters for this agreement:

i. BHS and BHSSC believe the BHS pool is an asset for pupils staff, alumnae (and their respective families) of Bromley High School. Users should be encouraged to enjoy the pool for leisure swimming and swimming lessons delivered through the BHSSC.

ii. BHS and BHSSC will work together to promote and support the use of the pool for these purposes.

iii. At the date hereof, BHSSC use the pool as a preferential hirer on Tuesday evenings (19.00 – 21.00) and Saturday mornings (08.00 – 12.30). BHS will offer BHSSC the opportunity of taking on additional slots for hiring the pool if these become available. BHSSC intends to continue to hire the pool all year (i.e. not as a termly hirer) except when the school is carrying out maintenance or needs the pool for particular events (e.g. swimming galas) or when the use of the pool is incompatible with safety or logistical requirements of other school events held on the site.

iv. BHSSC enjoys a preferential hire rate and is classed as a PTA hirer within the Trust’s Health & Safety (H&S) guidelines. BHSSC will be covered under the GDST insurance policy during the time it hires the pool.

v. BHSSC Operating Guidelines and Club Rules shall comply with GDST H&S and insurance requirements in all instances.

vi. BHSSC and BHS will work together to promote the swimming club and lessons to current and future members of the junior and senior school at key events including open days, induction days. BHSSC will provide articles for school newsletters, website, alumnae newsletters and parent-teacher events.

vii. BHSSC will support the school occasionally through financial incentives to promote the use of the pool. This may include but is not limited to scholarships, gift tokens, poolside equipment, swimming courses and lifeguard training bursaries.

viii. BHSSC and BHS will collaborate and co-operate with one another and communicate openly about any major concerns, issues or opportunities. They will adhere to statutory requirements and best practice and comply with applicable laws and standards including data protection. They will ensure sufficient and appropriately qualified resources are available and authorised to fulfil their responsibilities under this MoU.


5.1 The MoU will be monitored and delivered through the following channels:

i. An AGM between the BHSSC and BHS to review the overall working relationship

ii. Ongoing co-operation between BHSSC and BHS’s Finance and Operations Department

5.2 The headmistress will be continue to be President ex officio of BHSSC.


6.1 This MoU will continue until the parties agree otherwise.


7.1 This MoU is intended to reflect the co-operation between BHS and BHSSC. It represents the non-binding expression of the current intentions of the parties. Nothing in this MoU is intended to be legally binding between or against the parties.


8.1 Such amendments and variations to the clauses in this MoU as may from time to time be deemed necessary may only be made in writing between the parties. Such amendments and variations would be recorded in an annex to this MoU signed by both parties.