Club History

Bromley High School moved from Bromley South to the site in Blackbrook Lane in approximately 1980. In 1984, or shortly afterwards, the pool site was marked out with stakes and a major fund raising drive was started.

A group of “Key” Parents was formed (I recall one or two per class) who were briefed about fund raising. Each Key Parent then organised a drinks party at their home asking every parent they knew. They gave a short presentation on the benefits of a pool and asked us all to complete standing orders to help finance it. One of the key benefits was the assurance that the pool would be available for family use.

The pool was duly built and opened in some style on 22nd April 1988 by the then Minister of Sport, Colin Moynihan, followed by a celebratory lunch. As the pool was being built the committee was formed. At the first committee meeting we were surprised to discover we needed trained lifeguards, duty officers and insurance as well as a phone! The appropriate arrangements were made and the pool was opened for families, as now, twice a week with additional lessons on Saturday morning.

Over the years the Club has continued to enjoy a strong and very positive relationship with the School. All new parents are encouraged to join with their families and the Club has also supported a Sports Scholarship.”
Graham Beacom – Founder Member/ Former-Parent and current Duty Officer

The swimming pool today remains a much loved facility with the Bromley High parents, their children and family friends. The children enjoy meeting their schoolmates and making new friends while the parents enjoy the time to swim lengths, relax or even to practise their Daley-esque diving styles in the deep end!

Both school staff and the committee of volunteer parents appreciate the role each has to play in making the pool environment a well-run welcoming place, and enjoy a close working partnership. All members are more than welcome to join the committee.

Once you are a member of the Bromley High School family, it would be a great next step to join the Bromley High social swimming side of the school; so take the plunge and join us.


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